About Us

Welcome to Reel Life.

Alchemivision is an alternative arthouse producing intense and experimental visuals.


What we do

We express audio-visual concepts that entwine with music, art and raw human feelings.

Applications include music videos, immersive experiences, film elements and unique branded moments.

Our arthouse

Explore the levels of the human mind, from conscious beauty and nostalgia all the way down to the intensity of the subconscious.

See, hear, feel, react. These are powerful actions.

Working with us

Commission your piece, license our existing material or simply drop us a line.

For commissioning enquiries, please include details of your brief, however rough, and we will be in touch to discuss.

To licence our material, please let us know which piece you would like to licence, or if you need help identifying the right match for your project.

We’ll aim to get back to any enquiry within 24 hours.