Take a look at our humans

A selection of our unique individuals, all of whom offer up the contents of their brains on a silver platter.

Progammed bots

Intentionally tries to not confuse all those around him.

Claims to dislike overbearing colours and bright things, but incorporates those very elements into everything he makes.


One of these days, the keys will be copied at Timpson.

Get ready for MC Grammar to land, just don’t dare to lend her a hand.

Shot noise is top of the agenda, alongside his upcoming manifesto.

Our favourite non-Brexiteer has arrived, his untimely life goal to deliver a film in 12k meaning he is bound to thrive.

The cryptocurrency consultant is returned! From his jaunt to the point of no return, with souvenirs for all.
After circumnavigating the globe, he finally arrived back.

He’ll be setting sail again soon, but not before he has planned what he won’t be doing upon his return.

Here he is.

The generator of super-algorithms, who turns them back into mush.