Guest artist

Xelasoma is the moniker for the collective creative works of English artist, Alex Amos.

The project began in 2010 following experiments with automatic drawing techniques. These inspired forms were further refined, and by 2012, the aesthetic identity of the project had been realised – taking cues from the fantastical English artists of the late 20th century such as Roger Dean, Rodney Matthews and Ian Miller, and combining their flair for the otherworldly with the flat, monochromatic ink-work of decadent artists like Aubrey Beardsley and Ronald Balfour.

The project’s scope expanded after Alex became intrigued by the reoccurring motifs in his work: predatory animal forms, black suns, and an implied unity between the activities of the mind and flesh. He understood that nothing meaningful can be said about art, unless we first familiarise ourselves with the organism that creates it.

This led to a decade-long investigation into the underpinnings of creative action, focusing heavily upon psychology, anthropology, and comparative mythology. Many of these findings were compiled into video essays detailing the artist’s views on art and the human condition.

The final evolution of ‘Xelasoma’ came in the synthesis of all these parts, culminating into a grand vision for an episodic multimedia saga. The first of these short stories has already been realised, and is entitled ‘Red Dawn’.

Selected original pieces of his work are available to purchase via Etsy.

Prints are available to purchase via InPrnt.

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