This human likes to build and maintain systems that aid individual progression

Although this type of reductionism does him great disservice, severely downplaying his overall contribution to humankind.

Nathan1.61803 has always claimed to see the glass as half full, but it is his ability to simultaneously reflect on the empty segment of the glass that leads to his far-reaching metavision.

This is despite his rigorous training within the confines of multiple white-walled corporations.

A highly skilled listener, he is the resident mentor at Alchemivision. He would rather spend time with his cat than get into a debate over the merits of veganism. Despite this, his default appearance is that of a highly sociable being – the life and soul of any conversation, often speaking in the positivist tone of metaphor.

He resides somewhere in West England, running multiple businesses alongside two contradictory offspring and his wife. They tend to travel the globe more often than most, ferrying large international artworks home in the back of small taxis.

What does his skillset look like?

One-man Italian food appreciation society 90%
Democratising learning processes 90%
Entrepreneurial schmoozing 95%
Sentimentality over designing his own jam 19%