This human likes to build computer systems

These are then used to create moving and static imagery that is both unoriginal and of an unnecessarily high resolution.

Adam31 also calls said systems machines, which confuses many a person since they are not technically mechanical.

He would prefer to spend time with his giant rabbit (onto whom he projects his insecurities) rather than talk to real humans. Despite this, he tends to initiate many a conversation with other humans, often questioning them incessantly on various dry subjects.

Classically trained at another bog standard university, Adam31 picked up his first DV camera at the ripe old age of 19, and proceeded to take 3 months to create his first short – a terribly shot, badly lit and very shaky 8-minute home movie of his family doing lots of pointless things, such as walking round their house. The road to international superstardom clearly began here.

He resides somewhere in ye old Somerset, alongside multiple carbon based lifeforms of different ages who all compete for his attention.

What does his skillset look like?

Ability to repress emotions 90%
Interest in other humans 15%
Ability to wrap and store cables 95%
Willingness to create original content 23%