This human likes to scale rock

He also enjoys observing the oscillations of cryptocurrency markets.

In the beginning most things are alien and abandoned, but it is easy to forgive Andrew11 when you see the sort of enquiring landscape he calls home.

Prone to bouts of madness, he is more interested in examining cultural artefacts (and discarding them) than orienteering towards common ground.

Andrew11 is rather taken with the idea of ‘the point of no return’. His hobbies include trying to ignore this relational point in space after which turmoil and despair create liberty, and before which safety is but a prison.

At other points, enjoyment derives from consuming as much as he can, in particular coffee and food (the crispy kind). Then, he will catch himself testing this ‘point of no return’ once again, in the material, climbing up a rock face, so thinly separated from death, wondering: “What the hell I am doing?”

What does his skillset look like?

Hoovering up new ideas 90%
Sticking to a plan 10%
Ability to scale intimidating cliff faces 75%
Eating 100%