This human likes to discuss shot noise

He also employs vast compute power to encode 2K optics upon 8K silicon, so every failed visual transfer is inauthentically and unnecessarily rendered.

ColinΦ was a born disruptor, coming out inverse. Various institutions, some ancient and august, attempted to imprint upon this crooked timber – as it trembled and vibrated, flailing from science to art to philosophy. Travels were next up, as he attempted to break free from the rusted shackles of Western hegemony, to breed and drink gin in India. From there whence to Germany to imbibe its ruthlessness and efficiency. And finally from Germany to Belgium, for nowhere embodies productive anarchy more than a country that persistents unimpeded without a central government for 2 years. The next neural node to load up his framework is as yet unknown.

An overrated Italian cinematographer Vitorrio Storaro famously described his metier as ‘writing with light’. ColinΦ extends this practice (award winning) to writing with words (also award winning, naturally). His is an all encompassing yield of yarnage; the visual, political and literary combined. His mobilisation of the cinematic first order (writing), second order (photography) and final order (colour grading) might be described as ‘control freakery’  – but he considers it more as a pincer movement, grabbing the director by the balls and leading them where they need to go.

What does his skillset look like?

Love of RED digital cinema cameras 15%
Vintage lens habit 85%
Appreciation of high speed sensor moiring effects 90%
Love of brexit 0%