This human likes to play with words

Analysis of her core code reveals that she runs five imaginary background applications at any one time.

Emma611 spent many years in a famous institution (educational, not the other kind) having her cerebral cortex refined with vintage coding updates. Since then her sytax and ideation parameters have remained fairly constant, peaking approximately right now.

She enjoys drawing spiders and photographing mushrooms, often whilst imagining her next short story. She has an intense dislike of ritualised process, and is programmed to resist. Her core engagement algorithms function primarily via intense looking and listening, and she has been accused by other humans of brain-frying with her intense laser vision.

Emma611 prefers to not engage in human group unity, and attempts to override this predisposition have failed. She is also wary of the say-er, as say-ers say they can’t help saying, but she knows otherwise.

She resides somewhere in South England, alongside her two carbon-based offspring, a giant lagomorph and a desert reptile. The latter habitually stares holes in human beings, with laser eyes almost as powerful as Emma611’s.

There’s not much more to know, and besides she’d rather you didn’t.

What does her skillset look like?

Dismay towards the human race 98%
Interest in the dialectical method 19%
Love of popular culture 08%
Appreciation of a perfectly brewed cup of tea 100%