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The Revelation in Art and Technology

“There was a time when it was not technology alone that bore the name technē… Once there was a time when the bringing-forth of the true into the beautiful was called technē. And the poiesis of the fine arts also was called technē… [t]he arts were not derived from the artistic. Art works were not enjoyed aesthetically. Art was not […]
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The replica

Until the development of the first technologies, humanity’s encounters with the replica were restricted to the organic. Even then, true replicas they were not. A blade of grass, growing next to a thousand others of the same kind that share some key characteristics (but are never identical) have what Wittgenstein would refer to as family resemblance. Choose any acorn and […]
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The puzzle of digital art

Let me ask a vexing question, that appears to have a simple answer: why has digital art struggled to flourish until now? One problem has always been uniqueness: the copying of a JPEG or Bitmap could never be prevented, for what is being copied is the actual thing itself. Digital copies are not prints; they are literal copies of the […]
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