Award-winning director commissions trailer for Amazon Prime feature

Condense a sumptuous dystopian thriller into 2 minutes? No problem.

Trailblazer Films commissioned Alchemivision to create a bold trailer for their gorgeously shot production ‘Gods Of Their Own Religion’. Starring Ricki Hall, Kyd Nereida and Christopher Chung the film was captured on industry-leading Voigtländer MFT lenses for the big screen and directed by Naeem Mahmood.

Set in post-Covid London, the film follows a gang of dissenters who refuse to surrender to the ‘new normal’ and need to escape the city before they are hunted down.

“They’re wildly talented editors with a unique style that is full of dynamism and energy. Adam in particular understands the importance of collaboration, communication and teamwork, to ensure the director’s vision comes to life. His high attention to detail makes him ideal for directors and companies searching for an innovative edge.”

Naeem Mahmood, Director

Supporting British indie cinema

The Mayor of London awarded Naeem for his outstanding contribution to London through his film work, and we at Alchemivision are glad to be working alongside him to further independent British cinema.

Director Naeem Mahmood, winner of the prestigious Prince’s Trust Millennium Award, was originally mentored by Gary Kurtz, the producer of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. Naeem’s work can be described as highly stylised, bold and raw – his prior feature ‘Brash Young Turks’ was released theatrically in the UK to considerable acclaim, followed by TV broadcast and digital release via Amazon Prime. Gods of Their Own Religion is due to be released on Amazon Prime in mid-2022.

Written by Adam31.

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