Closed for maintenance

Warning: this system is now being updated for optimal performance.

DO NOT attempt to use this system.

Memory usage has exceeded safe limits and storage systems will be taken offline for updates. Normal function will be restored in safe units, beginning at 20% and continuing until all units are restored to full operational capacity.

Systems offline during this period will begin at Interpersonal Interaction v4.6 and will include all travel simulations, atmospheric generators and energy-intensive psychological wellbeing programmes. Nature simulations exceeding 4GB will be unavailable until further notice.

Interactions between nodes will be limited to the most regular and therefore established neural connections, minimising the use of upload and download facilities. Multi-node interactions increase your risk of exposure to malware and are NOT permitted during maintenance.

Malware protection will be upgraded during the procedure, including the long-awaited launch of ReLife 6.7 (beta mode). Performance improvements in the region of 13% are anticipated for participating units, excluding those who skipped patch 5Gn.

There is no need to manually reboot; you will be notified as systems are brought back online.

Reminder: DO NOT ATTEMPT NORMAL FUNCTION during this update procedure.

For optimal speed, all support resources are redirected to upgrade activities. If you require urgent support during maintenance please contact your local StoryTeller in the first instance.

Written by Emma611.

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