Block 94

Block 94

Kessler: Old Wives Tale

Point of origin: 2022

Visualiser for producer, DJ and musician Kessler.

This piece is made almost entirely from manually glitched VHS tapes that were played back on a 25 year old Loewe CRT screen via a 1990 Sony VCR deck. These analogue glitched visuals are then filmed digitally in 8k. This captured footage is then reingested back into one of our digital video editing workstations – where it is manipulated and warped further. Finally, we cut up the processed footage, edit it to the track and finally colour grade it.

As part of the initial glitching process, the VCR was tuned in and out of sync with the screen using damaged cables and deliberate misaligned UHF tuning. This is the kind of glitching that we like to call ‘natural’.

VHS tapes that were used included ‘Care Bears’ [1985], ‘The Barchester Chronicles [1982] and ‘Agatha Christie – At Bertram’s Hotel’ [1987].

Artist: @___kessler
Track: Old Wives Tale
Label: @shallnotfade

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