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Point of origin: 1974

It was once heralded as the ‘Science City’ of the Soviet Union. Obninsk Kaluga Oblast was home to the APS-1 Obninsk, the world’s first grid-connected nuclear power plant, commissioned to supply electricity in 1954.  However the city gradually became more derelict and dangerous, spiralling into despair by 1974, the final year of its existence on record. What was supposed to mark a turning point in Soviet modernisation ended up becoming the worst nightmare imaginable. Reports indicate that APS-1 was in fact leaking considerable radiation, and fears grew that the social and environmental damage could spread much further. In the face of international threats to decommission APS-1, Soviet officials eventually had no choice but to take action.

Many years later during a state inspection, a film reel documenting that fateful summer evening in 1974 was recovered. The reel was recovered, digitised and upscaled, presented here to the postmodern viewer in full HD.

Written, edited and produced by Adam31.

Music by The Ink Spots.

Executive production by @thevideoalchemists.

Produced in full HD.

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