Level 4

Block 32

HRH / Her Royal Highness

Point of origin: 2012

This is some holding copy about Her Royal Highness. She was born at some point in the 20th century inside the film reel, where she resided in motion until the end of the reel was reached. The reel was then rewound, removed from the projector and placed inside a room. The room was lit by a single warm lightbulb which never died but ocasionally flickered. She continued to live on – but in silence, in stasis, inside this reel, inside the room. One day in 2012 the reel was dusted down and loaded back into the projector, which never went out of use. The lineage of her absolutist self may have faded in our collective memory but she continues to live on and will never die.

Shot on the @REDdigitalcinema Dragon-X in 6k.

Performance by Nancy Velichko Burer.

Music by Aphex Twin.

Cinematography by Hans Peter Schepp.

Conceived, edited and graded by Adam31.

Output in 4k.

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