Block 1010

Block 1010


Point of origin: 2001

Some years back, we uncovered an artwork that examined how the concept of nature had evolved in light of the increasing industrialisation of agriculture. Aesthetically, we were interested in the visual correlation between the industrial production of printed circuit boards – central to the everyday electronics that constitute the rhythms of our lived postmodern experiences – and the swathes of monoculture that had by that time come to dominate our global landscape.

Both types of content were accompanied by imagery of ‘untouched’ spaces which appear fully ‘natural’.

However, during the creative process, we learnt that in actuality such spaces only highlight how much our idea of nature has actually changed over the last 100 years.

Originally created and stored on DV tape, restored via IEE 1394 firewire and digitised into H.264.

Conceived, edited and graded by Adam31.

Music by Aphex Twin.

Produced in full HD.

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