Level 4

Block 104.7

I wish you could talk

Point of origin: 2001

And if I could talk, I’d tell you that this lightning quick visualiser was a great throwback to a time when experimental moving imagery was created entirely without coding. Originally released on a supplementary DVD alongside the limited edition Japanese CD version of Go Plastic, the ceaseless motion of colour, shape and texture was reportedly inspired by the enormous landscapes observed in macro moving photography. Beginning with starting points that included footage of liquids, paints, oils, glitter and other chemicals – all shot on newly developed digital cinema cameras which were making inroads at the time – the footage was manipulated, bent, warped and digitally recoloured to create something otherworldly.

Copies of the original DVD on which this fascinating piece were stored are almost impossible to come by. Therefore the restoration process was intriguing: a copy of the MPEG-2 file – in its original resolution of 720×576 – had to be recovered via a ripped copy of the original, stored on a DVD-R. Dustimg down a famous Sony DVD player, an S-VHS cable and some RCA leads – we played the disc back and captured it via an ATI ‘All-in-wonder’ 7500 capture card to an IDE HDD. The file was then transferred to our workstations where it was remastered, upscaled and recoloured – ready for a new audience to enjoy.

Music by by @squarepusherofficial.

Conceived, edited and graded by Adam31.

Produced in 4k.

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