Level 4

Block 95


Point of origin: 1995

Some time back, we came across the remains of a cultural artifact, located in the deep recesses of our imaginary digital cupboards. The artifact was stored on the hi-res Laserdisc format popular in high-end AV systems of the 1990s.

We converted and upscaled the binary code stored on the archaic Laserdisc format. The process reveals that the piece may have originated as a backdrop to an outdoor rave event held in Cornwall, United Kingdom in 1995. But there is little remaining from this distant cultural period to help confirm our insight.

The recommended dose for this visual drug is that it be taken with lager and a hefty side order of superego, preferably after a meal. The effects of the drug render the user visually, aurally and conceptually paralysed. We believe that this in turn led to a state of elation, which was why the drug was so popular in this bygone era. However unbeknownst to the user, the state of elation was soon followed by confusion and delirium – unfortunate side effects.

Conceived, edited and graded by Adam31.

Music by Aphex Twin.

Produced in full HD.


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