Level 4

Block 98.4

Across the Universe

Point of origin: 1997

The Burningn’n Tree. This retro throwback is a visual feast, exploring the rhythms of the solar system and pivoting around the gravity well that is the Sun. Rapidly edited on linear editing machines, and with a distinct off-key D&B kick to underscore the momentum, this glitchy pixelfest takes you on a journey across the galaxy.

Recovered from a CD-RW disc burned in 1997, via a driver pre-installed on a 1.44″ floppy disc, to an IDE HDD. The file was then transferred from a beige Mesh Computers tower running Windows 95 with a Pentium II processor to a SATA drive for eventual restoration on non-linear machines.

Conceived, edited and graded by Adam31.

Music by @squarepusherofficial.

Upscaled from the original 768×576 SVGA and output in 4k.

Behind your eyes

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