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In Mirrors: Escape from Berlin

Point of origin: 2017

“In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty” – Phil Oches

A short film produced to the gentle, dulcet tones of electro outfit In Mirrors. Via the reflections of our recent past, a moment of quiet contemplation for a solitary subject reveals the very real forms that our present moments take.

Written and edited by Adam31 and Emma611.

Group: @_in_mirrors
Label: @italiansdoitbetter
Selected performers: @annna_pe, @michaelkatrih, @alex_osmo, @tonny_brooks
Cinematography: @andriiolenych
Colouring: @colinelves
Production: @lacofilms
Executive producers: @thevideoalchemists

Shot on the RED Scarlet-W and RED Epic-X Dragon and output in 4k.

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