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What is Video Alchemy? [Digital Alchemy]

Merging chemical and digital processes

Point of origin: 2021

Our correlate alternative arthouse brand explainer for #alchemivision exploring the meaning of Video Alchemy through practical effects.

Created using chemical and organic #macro imagery captured by some of the leading cinematographers in Europe and North America.

Shot on a mixture of formats including RED 8k and 5k cameras, Phantom Flex 4k slow motion cameras and Blackmagic Ursa and 6k pocket cinema cameras.

Written by Emma611.

Edited and graded by Adam31.

Executive Producers: @thevideoalchemists
Cinematographers: @maxfreyssprod @viktorsloth @sergiujurc_dop @omri_ohana_
Music: @kellyleeowens

Output in 4k.

Behind your eyes

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